Mercia Home Office Executive Plus Double-Glazed 44mm Log Cabin 6x5m


The largest model in the Executive home office range, this cavernous log cabin offers dual aspect windows and a feature integral porch.

Made from top-of-the-range 44mm heavy-duty interlocking, smooth planed tongue and groove timber logs, this model is strong and robust.

The main access is through a double door which is recessed into one corner, whilst the roof remains unchanged allowing space for a sheltered porch area supported by a corner column.

Unlike full panel, sectional buildings (like sheds) log cabins are built from the ground up with each log placed strengthening the building.

As the weight of the building is focused at the foot of the walls, do make sure your base is suitably strong.

As is common with this type of building, the logs are supplied untreated and One Garden recommends applying a coat of wood treatment to the building as soon as possible after installation.

This model is supplied as standard with a double glazed upgrade for the windows and green mineral felt is supplied to cover the roof.

Fixtures, fittings (including a key operated lock for the door) along with full instructions are provided as standard.

Additional information



10 Year Anti-rot


19' 10" x 17' 2" (6.040m x 5.240m)

Delivery Time

28 Days

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