Mercia Value Overlap Apex Shed 6×4


The Mercia Value range of wooden garden sheds offer an economical garden storage solution, through the use of unjointed overlap boarding to create a simple weatherboard-style build.

The Mercia Value Overlap Apex Shed 6×4 has a classic design, A-frame roof with the door in the 4ft gable end.

The overlapping cladding is designed to allow rain water to run off of the building and this style has been used for many years.

The building has one plain side panel and one windowed side panel, these are interchangeable to suit your garden needs.

The glazing for the windows is a safety styrene plastic, so not a glass which could shatter.

The floor and roof are made from an OSB solid board and sand felt is included to cover the roof to keep it waterproof.

Simple to build and complete with full instructions.

Additional information



10 Year Anti-rot


4' 4" x 5' 10" (1.313m x 1.787m)

Delivery Time

3-7 Days

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