Shire Alderney Pressure Treated Shed 7×7


This is a double door shed from the Shire range of modular design sheds.

The modular design of the Alderney Pressure Treated Shed allows you to choose the position of the windowed panel as you build the shed.

The walls and floor are constructed from a high quality tongue and groove cladding and the roof is formed from solid sheet OSB panels.

Felt is provided for the roof covering.

Fixtures and fittings come as standard as do full instructions.

The wall panels are constructed of tongue and groove cladding and supplied in modular sections.

The main advantage of a modular design is that each individual panel will be small enough (in one or both dimensions) to be carried by one person and will fit through a standard pedestrian door.

As a concequence the individual boards may not line up perfectly with those on adjacent panels, due to the variences in the natural timber cladding.  The Alderney Pressure Treated Shed includes tongue and groove cladding which has been protected by exposure to a vacuum pressure treatment process.

This beneficial process impregnates the timber with preservative, enhancing its lifespan and resistance to rot over that of a typical dip-treated wooden shed.

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12 Months parts


7' 3" x 7' 8" (2.201m x 2.334m)

Delivery Time

3-7 Days

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