Shire Pressure Treated Overlap Garden Shed 6×4


The Shire Pressure Treated Overlap Garden Shed 6×4 is part of a range of apex roof sheds made from pressure treated timber making them much more resistant to rot and insects.

They feature 34x34mm thickness framing that is usually reserved for more expensive tongue and groove buildings.

Each of these Overlap sheds have a higher eaves height when compared to the equivalent size, regular overlap buildings allowing more headroom inside the shed.

This Shire 6×4 shed includes a glazed fixed window, which allows natural light to enter into the building.

The roof and floor are formed from a solid sheet boarding, again on a 34x34mm framing.

The wall panels are constructed of overlap cladding and supplied in modular sections.

The main advantage of a modular design is that each individual panel will be small enough (in one or both dimensions) to be carried by one person and will fit through a standard pedestrian door.

As a concequence the individual boards may not line up perfectly with those on adjacent panels, due to the variences in the natural timber cladding.  Access is provided by a single door, complete with a hasp and staple (customer to supply padlock).

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12 Months parts


4' 4" x 6' 0" (1.330m x 1.830m)

Delivery Time

3-7 Days

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