Sork Anti-Mole Bulb Pack


Are you plagued by things in your garden that make bumps in the night? Do you have feelings of dread when looking at your perfectly manicured lawn and finding a small mound of dirt in the middle of it? Do you have problems with Moles? If the answer is Yes then dont waste another minute.

Call One Garden and order some of these excellent mole deterrent bulbs.

One pack of Anti-Mole Bulbs is enough to cover 500 square meters.

One bulb placed 2-3 inches deep every 25 feet (thats 5-8cm down, every 8 metres for all of you metric people) should deter moles from coming anywhere near your garden for up to 2 years.

No traps, no poisons, totally harmless to the moles and to your garden.

The bulbs emit a smell that is undetectable to humans but repulsive to moles.

Simple to use.

Long lasting effect.

Minimum effort.

What more could you want? Please note that due to the perishable nature of these items we will not be able to accept cancellation requests for this item once the packaging has been opened.

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3-5 Days

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