Tidymaker Tool Storage Triple Pack


Need to store awkward shaped tools but cannot find the correct rack? The Tidymaker is your solution.

Tidymaker is a simple space saving device and is the first in the world to solve most kinds of hanging needs, regardless of shape.

A set of wall hanging hooks with beaded cord allows you to wrap the cord around the awkward shaped thing and hang it from the wall of your shed or garage.

Also supremely useful on a boat to secure goods in place.

No longer do you need to have room on the bench for your cordless drill or set of hammers.

Use a Tidymaker to hang tools from the wall and out of the way.

No knots needed, the beaded cord secures to any length.

You could even use multiple Tidymakers to keep long items on the wall, like fishing poles or nets.

Each Tidymaker can support up to 20 kg.

Each pack contains 4 Tidymakers.

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