Yardmaster Store-All 54PEZ Pent Metal Shed 5×4


The Yardmaster 54PEZ shed is the smallest member of the Yardmaster Store-All family of compact pent roof metal sheds.

This metal shed benefits from standard features which include rust-free screws, a ventilated profiled roof and free anchor bolt fixings; to secure the shed to your concrete or paved solid base.

The single door is of the hinged variety, being complete with handles holed to accept a customer-supplied padlock.

The roof of the 54PEZ has been designed to be able to be installed to slope either to the left or right, as viewed when looking at the door.  This 54PEZ pent metal shed is supplied in a zinc painted finish as part of the 7-layer anti-corrosion protection process offered by Yardmaster across their range of hot-dipped galvanized buildings.

The strong yet neat looking ribbed wall and roof panels are thicker and harder to dent, with folded edges for safe assembly.

Supplied with a DIY assembly manual, the flat-pack components are clearly numbered for self-assembly.

A common installation involves screwing the pre-holed metal profiled sheeting to a skeleton-style framework, complete with a base rail.

Yardmaster are Europes largest manufacturer of maintenance-free metal sheds, which are renown for their baked on permanent colour finish.

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10 Year Anti-rust penetration


3' 11" x 5' 2" (1.20m x 1.580m)

Delivery Time

7-14 Days

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